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Put me anywhere

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Put me anywhere

Post  gutlessVADER on Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:29 pm

Name: Matthew Ecker

Age: 18

Location: Texas, USA (CST-6)

Previous Experience: I used to configure and test experimental plugins for Minecraft with a few friends of mine, as well as cooperatively running several servers. I've lost interest in it, though, so don't worry about me not having enough time. A few years ago I worked with three other guys to build a castle in Autodesk Inventor.

Best Trait: I can do a variety of tasks reasonably well, which helps me excel when working with a team.

Weaknesses: I'm ADHD, but can usually get myself to grind through monotonous tasks when it involves technology (my old Runescape account stands as a testament to this). I've built countless structures in Autodesk Inventor and Revit, but when it comes to modelling NPC's I can never get the curves right. I love customizing my character in Skyrim, but I can't model new creatures from scratch. The limit of my texturing experience is modifying Link skins for Minecraft.

Why I want to join: I'm dying to mod Skyrim, but I can never do anything alone. The Elder Scrolls series are the only single-player games I can play for long these days, and that's only because of the highly interactive community. I started gaming on NES, but after I got a taste of working as a team I just couldn't turn back. I'd say I'm fairly decent at creating videos, and would love the opportunity to make trailers for this mod. Here's my channel:

Superpower: Manipulation of time. I'd have infinite time to work on my homework, and could slow it down relative to me so it would look like I'm running at 90mph to bystanders. Might just have to use the CK to make this a reality...

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Re: Put me anywhere

Post  deamonata on Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:13 pm

welcome to the team


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