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Olenkarhu's application

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Olenkarhu's application

Post  olenkarhu on Tue May 22, 2012 3:07 am

Olenkarhu's application

My name: forum name olenkarhu, real name is Fedor Stomakhin Aleksandrovits, just Ted or Fedja for short. (yeah, funny russian names xD)
Location: Estonia, GMT+ 2
Experiences: none, but I am looking for some, as I want to be a modder in future.
Best traits: I am creative and I dare to say that I know quite a lot of TES lore. I can also do some pretty basic texturing. I also know like 4 languages so I can translate the mod if needed.
Weaknesses: modelling, yet I am very, very willing to learn. Also scripting anything if it is about a tes mod. Never cooperated in making one before, though.
Why do I want to join: I think it is an awesome mod and that I just had to join with all that TES lore lying uselessly in my head and will to learn stuff. The project is big, but come on, the more members willing to work, the better, isn't it?
Powers I'd wish to have: Awesomeness. Being Chuck Norris never hurts.

P.S. I also used to make Warcraft III RPG maps.


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